Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Bob DeFelice Director of Athletics/Head Baseball Coach 781-891-2256
Kevin Loftus Assoc. Athletics Director/Asst. Baseball Coach 781-891-2196
Cindy Scott Asst. Athletics Director 781-891-2218
Marty McCarthy Asst. Athletics Director 781-891-2936
Marie Caruso Falcon Club Program Director 781-891-2331
Audrey Behnke Sr. Administrative Assistant 781-891-2275

Facilities & Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Bernie Driscoll Asst. Director of Athletic Facilities 781-891-2190
Jim Murphy Operations/Equipment Manager/Men's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2339
Mike Hill Intramural Director/Asst. Baseball Coach 781-891-2852
Courtney Finn Athletic Operations Assistant 781-891-2368
Mark Andrick Athletic Facilities Supervisor/Athletic Events 781-891-2791
Vinnie Eruzione Athletic Facilities Supervisor 781-891-2096
Lamarre Rey Athletic Facilities Supervisor 781-891-2074

Aquatics Office

Name Title Phone Email
Mary Kay Samko Aquatics Director 781-891-3415
Rick Danehy Asst. Aquatics Director 781-891-3120

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Brooks Farry, MS, ATC Head Athletic Trainer 781-891-2062
Charlie Carkin, ATC, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coordinator/Athletic Trainer 781-891-2063
Elizabeth Maienza, MS, ATC Athletic Trainer 781-891-2060
Adrian Wright-FitzGerald, MS, ATC Athletic Trainer 781-891-2493

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
Dick Lipe Sports Information Director 781-891-2334
Kyle Mack Asst. Sports Information Director 781-891-2417


Name Title Phone Email
Bob DeFelice Head Baseball Coach/Director of Athletics 781-891-2256
Kevin Loftus Asst. Baseball Coach/Assoc. Athletics Director 781-891-2196
Bernie Driscoll Asst. Baseball Coach/Asst. Dir. of Athletic Facilities 781-891-2190
Mike Hill Asst. Baseball Coach/Intramural Director 781-891-2852

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Jay Lawson Head Men's Basketball Coach 781-891-2993
Joe Fremeau Asst. Men's Basketball Coach 781-891-2658
Mark Wentworth Asst. Men's Basketball Coach 781-891-2994

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Stevens Head Women's Basketball Coach 781-891-2996
C White Asst. Women's Basketball Coach 781-891-2779
Christiana Bakolas Asst. Women's Basketball Coach 781-891-2466
Emilie Cloutier Graduate Assistant 781-891-2466

Men's & Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Curtin Head Track & Cross Country Coach 781-891-2995

Field Hockey

Name Title Phone Email
Jessica Spencer Head Field Hockey Coach 781-891-2335
Jessica Farrell Asst. Field Hockey Coach 781-891-2335


Name Title Phone Email
Bill Kavanaugh Head Football Coach 781-891-2704
Matt Cerins Defensive Line Coach 781-891-2338
Leo Fanning Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Backs 781-891-2959
Adam Griggs Wide Receiver Coach/Special Teams Coor. 781-891-2917
Peter Leonard Defensive Coordinator 781-891-2985
Keith LeVan Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach 781-891-2338
Matt Sidebottom Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach 781-891-2333

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Mickey Herron Head Golf Coach 508-505-5120
Mark Nelson Asst. Golf Coach

Men's Hockey

Name Title Phone Email
Ryan Soderquist Head Hockey Coach 781-891-2492
Ben Murphy Asst. Hockey Coach 781-891-2889
Steve Silverthorn Asst. Hockey Coach

Men's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Jim Murphy Head Men's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2339
Jonathan Hayes Asst. Men's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2339
Kieran Kavanaugh Asst. Men's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2339

Women's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Kerry Hausdorf Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2337
Carolyn Kynoch Asst. Women's Lacrosse Coach 781-891-2337

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Gary Crompton Head Men's Soccer Coach 781-891-2336
Bobby Shuttleworth Asst. Men's Soccer Coach 781-891-2336
Matt Marcoux Asst. Men's Soccer Coach 781-891-2336

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Lauren Lukis Head Women's Soccer Coach 781-891-2451


Name Title Phone Email
Terry M. Prouty Head Softball Coach 781-891-2449
Shannon O'Donnell Asst. Softball Coach 781-891-2449

Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email
Mary Kay Samko Head Swimming Coach/Aquatics Director 781-891-3415
Rick Danehy Head Diving Coach/Asst. Aquatics Director 781-891-3120
Joe Frantel Asst. Swim Coach 781-891-3415

Men's & Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Rick Edelmann Head Tennis Coach 781-891-2761
Kristen Gerety Asst. Tennis Coach 781-891-2761

Men's & Women's Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Curtin Head Track & Cross Country Coach 781-891-2995
Brandon Beloin Asst. Track Coach 781-891-2995

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Joey Pacis Head Volleyball Coach 781-891-2787
Kristine Mickelson Asst. Volleyball Coach 781-891-2460

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