Dear Visiting Athletic Trainers, 

On behalf of the Bentley University Athletic Department, we would like to welcome you and your team to the Boston area.  In order to make your visit run as smoothly as possible, we want to provide you with some general information and a list of phone numbers that may be of use to you and your staff.

Athletic Training Staff:

Brooks Farry- Head Athletic Trainer- (781) 891-2062

                   - Football, Men’s Basketball, Baseball

Liz Kasa- Assistant Athletic Trainer- (781) 891-2060

                   - Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, Men's & Women's Swimming, Softball

Charles Carkin- Assistant Athletic Trainer- (781) 891-2063

                   - Men’s Soccer, Ice Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse

Christina Hollis - Assistant Athletic Trainer- (781) 891-2493

                   - Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women’s Lacrosse

Orthopedic Physicians:

Dr. Albert Franchi- Team Orthopedic Physician (Office)- (781) 979-2511


Newton Wellesley Hospital- Main Number- (617) 243-6000

Mount Auburn Hospital- Main Number- (617) 492-3500

Ambulance Coverage:

Armstrong Ambulance- Contact: Jeff Scafidi (Office)- (781) 859-1312/(Cell) (781) 953-5912


The athletic training room is located on the ground floor of the Dana Athletic Center.

For football games we will set up a satellite athletic training room for your use.  You will have access to (4) treatment/taping tables, a warm hydroculator unit, ultrasound machines, electric stim machines and ice.  There will be a cooler(s) of water in your team’s meeting room as well as a cooler with bagged ice.  If there is anything else you may need please contact us and we will try to arrange it.

Sideline Supplies:

On your sideline we will provide: table(s), cooler(s) of water, cups, ice and radio communication to the home sideline when appropriate.  Crutches, AED and other emergency equipment will be on the field/home sidelines. There will be an ambulance present for all home football and ice hockey games.

Teams Traveling Without a Certified Athletic Trainer:

We ask that for those teams traveling without a certified athletic trainer, a phone call, e-mail or letter be sent to us detailing the desired taping/treatments.  We will be happy to assist your athletes as long as all necessary supplies are provided and time allows.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.