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Bentley University Falcons
146 Northeast-10 Championships
80 CoSIDA Academic All-Americas
2014 NCAA Div. II Women's Basketball National Champs
2001 NCAA Div. II Field Hockey National Champs
Women's Basketball: NCAA Record 35 NCAA tournaments

Bentley Intramurals


Bentley's outdoor intramurals are played here  


The Intramural Sports Program at Bentley University offers a variety of organized recreational activities structured to enable students to derive maximum social, physical, mental and emotional benefit. These activities shall take place in a positive environment in which fun and enjoyment are the key elements.


The specific purposes of the Intramural Sports Program are as follows:

1. To provide recreational activities that meet the needs of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as those of faculty and staff at Bentley University.


2. To provide an atmosphere of enjoyment and fun that encourages sociability and competition while contributing to the well being of participants.


3. To provide an opportunity to escape from the daily pressure of academics and make worthy use of leisure time.


The particular sports and/or activities offered, depend greatly on student interest, but are also affected by such factors as the weather, facility availability, and the demands of the university in general. Within these parameters, the Office of the Intramural Director is always open to requests, comments, and suggestions.


The overall goal of the Intramural Sports Program is increased participation. There are sports and activities for you regardless of your level of ability. We hope you choose to participate and have plenty of fun, within the spirit of our great institution of higher learning.


- Intramural Sports Program staff




The Intramural Sports Program is run by students and overseen by the Intramural Executive Board. The Executive Board meets periodically and is responsible for overseeing sport managers, handling protests, ensuring the program runs smoothly, etc. Responsible for day-to-day operations is the Intramural Sports Program Director.



The Intramural Sports Program has traditionally offered athletic opportunities in such team sports as basketball, floor hockey, flag football, soccer, softball and volleyball. Depending on demand, individual sports featured have been racquet ball, tennis, etc. The Intramural Sports Office is open to any request to accommodate individuals who desire such sports in other seasons as customarily offered and/or any other athletic contest for which facilities are available. Once approved for a particular semester - Fall, Spring, Summer - announcements are posted in appropriate locations around campus, including on the Bentley University Web, featuring deadlines, conditions, etc. Generally, any eligible member of the Bentley community (as defined later in this Handbook) can participate:


as a Team Player...

Once you have a team organized:

1. Obtain a roster from the Dana Center Equipment Room, sport manager, or Intramural Sports Office.

2. Fill out the roster completely.

3. Submit the roster with appropriate participation fees to the Intramural Sports Office.

4. Send the captain or a representative to the captain's meeting prior to start of play.

If you are having difficulty finding a team to play, contact the Intramural Director at 891-2852.


as an Individual or Dual Sport Player...

Timely requests for a particular sport to be offered should be submitted to the Intramural Sports Office. When facilities are available and sufficient interest among prospective participants has been demonstrated, the office will announce the offering through the appropriate channels. The office will then administer the season within its scope. This will include that individual and dual sport participants are asked to keep the Intramural Sports Office informed of all results, and to check their schedules regularly so that necessary contact can be made with opponents as required. One such obligation is understood to be that scores not reported 24 hours after completion of a contest are subject to forfeit.


as a Team Captain...

The team captain is responsible for his/her team's actions. The captain must attend the pre-season captain's meeting and serves as a liaison between the team and the sport officials. Responsibilities include keeping the team organized and informed of the game schedule, rules and procedures, and insuring everyone participates in a sportsmanlike manner. The team captain is the primary liaison between the team and the Intramural Sports Office.


as an Official...

Anyone interested in officiating should contact the manager of the sport he/she would like to officiate or call the athletic office. For more information, see later in this Handbook.