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Bentley University Falcons
146 Northeast-10 Championships
80 CoSIDA Academic All-Americas
2014 NCAA Div. II Women's Basketball National Champs
2001 NCAA Div. II Field Hockey National Champs
Women's Basketball: NCAA Record 35 NCAA tournaments

Bentley University Intramural Soccer Rules


(FIFA Rules will apply with certain exceptions)

Each team will consist of 7 players and 7 substitutes.

All Bentley students, faculty and staff are eligible.  Varsity Soccer players are not eligible.

Plastic cleats ONLY! No Metal spikes allowed.

A minimum of five players – one of which shall be the goalkeeper – to start the game or team forfeits. 

A team not ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time or the conclusion of the previous game, will forfeit that game.  Captains must email the Intramural Director at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game to request a rescheduled game and prevent a forfeit.  The rescheduling will be at the mercy of your opponent & space/referee availabilty.  Forfeit penalties:  One forfeit: Loss of $50 forfeit fee, Two forfeits: Removal from the league.

Game length: forty minutes (two equal halves of twenty minutes), running time.

Field boundaries will measure about 55 by 55 yards with out-of-bounds on all four sides.

The penalty are will measure about 30 by 12 yards.

Penalty kicks will be taken 12 yards from the goal line.  Everyone but the kicker and the goalkeeper will stand behind the halfway line until the kick is taken.  If there is a rebound from the penalty kick the ball will be in play.

Goal kicks will be taken from within the penalty area.  Goal kicks must touch the ground or be touched by a player in the defensive half of the field or there is a loss of the ball.  Play starts with an indirect kick at the half way line for any infraction.

After a save when the goalkeeper restarts play the ball must touch the ground or a player within the defensive half of the field or there is a loss of the ball.  Play starts with an indirect kick at the half way line for any infractions.  Goalkeepers will not be allowed to release and pick up the ball or pick it up after having it be deliberately kicked to them by a teammate.

The offside rule will not apply.

For the protection of players involved, slide tackling will not be tolerated.  Any slide tackle will be considered an infraction, thus resulting in an indirect free kick.  Any slide tackles INSIDE the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.  Please not players will be allowed to slide (to save the ball from going out) only if opponent players are NOT around.

Substitutions for both teams may be made on goal kicks and after goals or injuries.

Any player removed from a game by a referee for any reason will be suspended from play in the next scheduled game.  Reasons for removal from a game include, but are not limited to: serious foul play, violent conduct and offensive, insulting or abusive behavior towards a game official and other players.  Further sanctions against the player involved and/or that player’s team may be imposed by the Intramural Director upon review of the incident and will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for possible adjudication through the Student Conduct System.

A player ejected for fighting will be suspended from playing indefinitely, and the altercation will be reported to University Police and referred to the Student Conduct System (see the Bentley Student Handbook at  


Referee decisions with respect to play are final.