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Bentley University Falcons
146 Northeast-10 Championships
80 CoSIDA Academic All-Americas
2014 NCAA Div. II Women's Basketball National Champs
2001 NCAA Div. II Field Hockey National Champs
Women's Basketball: NCAA Record 35 NCAA tournaments

Bentley University Intramural Co-Ed Softball Rules




1. Participation is limited to currently enrolled students and members of the faculty and staff of Bentley University.

2. In order to participate in an Intramural contest each player must present their validated Bentley ID.


3. Captains must email the Intramural Director at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game to request a rescheduled game and prevent a forfeit.  The rescheduling will be at the mercy of your opponent & space/referee availabilty.  Forfeit penalties:  One forfeit: Loss of $50 forfeit fee, Two forfeits: Removal from the league.




Gloves must be worn by every player


No metal spikes are permitted.


A player may not wear any type of cast. Participants who must wear metal/hard knee braces are required to cover the brace with a neoprene sleeve (minimum 1/4” thick).


Exposed jewelry (wrist watches, bracelets, larger hoop-type earrings, neck chains, or any other item judged to be dangerous by the umpire) may not be worn during the game.




All bats that have more than one wall are illegal.


Bats with a barrel diameter larger than 2.25 inches are illegal.


Players and Substitutes


Game Time must start within 10 minutes of the scheduled time or else a Forfeit will be issued.


A team must have at least 6 players to start the game.


There must be two females and two males on the field at all times.


The ASA re-entry rule will be followed. Any starting players, including the EP, may be substituted or replaced and re-entered once, provided players occupy the same batting positions whenever in the lineup. Substitutes may not re-enter once they leave the game. Starting players may not re-enter a second time. The starting player and his/her substitute may not be in the lineup at the same time. Males may only substitute for males and females may only substitute for female.


The batting order may consist of up to 11 players. Remember, the “extra hitter(s)” are optional, however, if used they must be used the entire game. A team cannot use more than 11 hitters in a line-up at one time.

The Game


A. Starting the Game


Games must begin as quickly as possible; teams are not permitted pre-game warm-ups.


In order to prevent stalling tactics, an inning has officially started with the 3rd out of the previous inning.


B. Inning Procedure


There shall be no infield ball after the first inning and only one warm-up pitch between innings.


SCORING: Scoring is the responsibility of the teams, not of the umpire(s).


C. Ending the Game


Game Length: one hour or seven innings.


Ten Run Rule: We will be using a 10-run rule in all intramural slow pitch leagues. If either team is winning by 10 or more runs after five complete innings of play (4-1/2 if the home team is ahead by 10 runs) that team is the winner of the game.


Forfeits: The umpire or Supervisor has the right and the responsibility to declare a forfeit in favor of the team not at fault.


D. Pitching


1. The pitcher shall take a position with both feet firmly on the ground and with one or both feet in contact with the pitcher’s plate. If a step is taken it can be forward, backward or to the side provided the pivot foot is in contact with the pitcher’s plate and the step is simultaneous with the release of the ball.


2. Preliminary to pitching the pitcher must come to a complete stop with the ball in front of the body. The front of the body must face the batter.


3. The pitch must be delivered underhand with a perceptible arc of at least six (6) feet and not more than twelve (12) feet from the ground. Penalty: Illegal Pitch


4. The pitch shall be released at a moderate speed. The speed is left entirely up to the judgment of the umpire.


5. “NO PITCH” shall be declared and the action following will be ignored when:


a. A base runner is called out for leaving base too soon.


b. The pitcher pitches during the suspension of play.


c. The ball slips from the pitcher’s hand during the windup or during the back swing.


d. The pitcher pitches before a base runner is able to return to their base following a foul ball.


e. The Batter steps out of the Box and the Pitcher Stops.


6. “ILLEGAL PITCH” (CALLED LOUD AND IMMEDIATELY) shall be declared when:


a. The pitcher throws to a base other than home with their foot on the pitcher’s plate (a ball is called unless it is an appeal).


b. The pitcher delivers any pitch not in accordance with the rules.


EFFECT: Unless the batter strikes the pitch it is called a ball. If the batter strikes at the pitch it is considered a legal pitch and all resultant action will count.


7. The pitcher may have five warm-up pitches before the start of the game.


8. New pitchers are allowed a maximum of 5 warm-up pitches when they enter the game, however, not more than one minute shall be used.


E. Batting


1. The batter will start with a one and one count.


2. The batter shall not:


a. Have one or both feet entirely outside the limits of the batter’s box touching the ground or any part of home plate when the ball is hit.


b. Step into the batter’s box with an illegal bat.


3. The batter must take their position within 10 seconds after the umpire calls “play ball” or be called out.


EFFECT: the pitcher shall pitch; each pitch delivered shall be called a strike.


4. The batter may not step out of the batter’s box without first asking the umpire for “time”. If the batter does step out without “time” being granted the pitch will be called accordingly.


5. Batters hitting a second foul ball following the first strike will be called out. Examples: 3 foul balls - out, one swing and miss then 2 foul balls - out, one foul ball then one swing and miss - out.


F. Base Running


1. Base runners may leave a base as soon as a ball is hit or when the pitch crosses home plate.


2. When the base slides away from its proper position (when a runner goes into it sliding feet first) the runner is assumed to be on the base and not in jeopardy to be put out unless they try to advance. If the player slides head first, they must hold on to the bag to avoid being called out.


3. FAKE TAG: A fake tag or simulating the motion of catching a throw is a form of obstruction. The fake tag is a potential safety hazard and is also considered unsportsmanlike conduct.


Penalty: The offender shall be ejected from the game AND RUNNERS shall be awarded bases they would have reached if the obstruction had not occurred.


4. Intentional Walk: If a pitcher desires to walk a batter intentionally they should indicate this to the umpire who will award the batter the appropriate base. The ball is dead during the award.


5. Out of Basepath: If a base runner goes out of the base path to avoid being tagged, they are out. A player is not required to slide into a base, however, a player may not deliberately or otherwise crash into, or “takeout”, a fielder who is attempting to make or complete a play.


Penalty: the runner is out and the ball is dead. No runner shall advance because of the interference. (If the umpire determines the act is flagrant the runner shall be ejected from the game).


6. Out of Play:


Overthrows: All runner(s) will be awarded two bases from the last base legally touched. The award will be governed by the position of the runner(s) when the ball left the throwers hand.


Catch and Carry: If a player catches a fly ball in playable territory then goes out of play with the ball in their possession the runner(s) advance 1 base (if intentional, runner(s) advance 2 bases).


With the exception of these rules, playing rules for Intramural softball will be according to the Amateur Softball Association.


Any player removed from a game by a referee for any reason will be suspended from play in the next scheduled game.  Reasons for removal from a game include, but are not limited to: serious foul play, violent conduct and offensive, insulting or abusive behavior towards a game official and other players.  Further sanctions against the player involved and/or that player’s team may be imposed by the Intramural Director upon review of the incident and will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for possible adjudication through the Student Conduct System.

A player ejected for fighting will be suspended from playing indefinitely, and the altercation will be reported to University Police and referred to the Student Conduct System (see the Bentley Student Handbook at  

Referee decisions with respect to play are final.